Q..Is our product a mixture??
A..No, our product is all natural. Its technical name is "MINERAL WELL BRINE". It comes from underground wells located in St. Louis, MI..The wells are located in the epicenter of the largest "calcium magnesium chloride" deposit in the United States..The material comes out of the wells containing 21%-25% calcium magnesium chloride, and 5%-6% other chlorides.  [back to top]

Q..How does it work??
A..In the summer, the same exact material is used on nearly every gravel road in the state of MI. for dust control purposes..This is because the material is "hygroscopic" (absorbs and retains moisture for prolonged periods of time)
In the winter, has been widely used by cities and counties for ice control because it produces an "exothermic" (heat producing) reaction when mixed with snow and ice, and causes rapid, widespread surface melting.  [back to top]

Q..Can results be proven??
A..Absolutely, if you go online and look for" current deicing practices and alternative materials" . The MDOT has proven that "liquid calcium chloride" will melt snow and ice TWICE as fast as rock salt at every tested temperature..And was also proven to still melt ice at -29 degrees below zero.  [back to top]

Q..How corrosive is it??
A..Once again, the MDOT has proven that it will corrode steel just slightly faster than the normal weathering process..But also proves to be much less corrosive than rock salt.  [back to top]

Q..These deicing units you are selling. How much area will they cover??
A..There are all kinds of equations and calculations about sq. ft and proper coverage..Problem is, that each contractor does their salting differently than others..It all depends on the type of snowpack, and the amount of snow and ice you are trying to combat..Last season with over 35 different companies using it. The average comparison, was that just 1 tank full of liquid (which is 275 gallons on our units) easily covered the same area as 3 1/2 to 5 tons of rock salt.  [back to top]

Q..Am I going to have a problem getting the product??
A..Absolutely not..We have 200,000 gallons of on site storage, and an additional 3,000,000 gallons of storage less than 3 miles from our facility. We are open daily from 7 till 5. On snow days, we will be there 24 hours a day to accomodate our customers..Please note that it only takes 2 minutes to fill your tank..It is a very quick and clean process..We can also deliver the material to your facility in bulk..We have a 1000 gal. minimum on deliveries.  [back to top]

Q..How fast do the deicing units you are selling deliver the material??
A..Our pumps deliver 9 gallons per minute through fully adjustable nozzles..They will spray over 12 ft. wide if you want them to..There is always a bigger, faster, more sophisticated system you can buy if you got $5000.00 and up to spend. But we have built our units to be very affordable, very precise, and absolutely perfect for introducing you to "liquid deicing"..Once you see how they work, you will realize what we tell people every single day..THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!! The only single thing mechanical, is the pump.  [back to top]