Everybody knows that CALCIUM CHLORIDE works better than regular bag salt when it comes to de-icing your parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.  But most people don't buy it because of the huge price difference.

What you may not realize is that the expensive "CALCIUM CHLORIDE FLAKE" is actually made from the "LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE" that we sell.  Flake is made through a very costly evaporation process that transforms the liquid into a solid.

We can easily show you how to distribute the liquid in the winter and save a ton of money using "LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE" instead of rock salt.

Unlike rock salt...

  • Our prices do not change with the demand of the product.

  • It works at much lower temperatures than rock salt.

  • It is cleaner! (No more salt spots on the rugs and carpet)

  • It is much more cost effective. Just 275 gallons of "LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE" will treat roughly the same area of 5 tons of rock salt.

  • There are also many benefits to using "LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE" with rock salt (pre-wetting):

  • Lower freezing point.
  • Wet salt sticks to the road better than dry salt.
  • Wet salt begins to work immediately instead of having to wait for the salt to create it's own brine mixture.

  • Road commissions have been pre-wetting salt with ""LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE" for over a decade and it's popularity is growing.